weekend catch-up

On Friday, we took a field trip — about the only kind of field trip I ever manage to pull off:

We crossed the road, walked through our neighbor’s yard, and stood at the edge adjoining a huge hayfield, where tractors were pulling super cool equipment and shaping cut, dried grass into huge bales. The kids thought it was really neat, I loved the breeze and smell of dried hay, and the farmers must have enjoyed the late afternoon pick-me-up of three cute and enthusiastic kids pointing and waving as they rolled by.

Field trip: Check.

On Saturday, I cut up a watermelon for an after dinner treat. It was a hit. And of course, watching Beatrice discover the wonderfulness of holding a huge slice of juicy sweetness in her little hands? Priceless. (Last summer she was still a crawling, nursing infant. This summer is all about discovery!)

Today, I grabbed a few pics while attempting to gather these three crazies for a “Happy Father’s Day” video. Beatrice doesn’t like being moved around like a baby, and she also is prone to totally cheese out when asked to smile. As you can see:

And this guy. He is the world to three little people. They adore him, but why wouldn’t they? He loves them all the time, as deeply and fully as he can.

“The glory of children is their father.” –Proverbs 17.6

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