baby days


Tonight, I got this giggling girl dressed into her pj’s, and she excitedly announced, “Nap!” She loves her silky-edged blanket and her favorite dolls.

She happily “skipped” into her daddy’s office to give him a kiss, laughing and jabbering the whole way.

We closed the bedroom door and snuggled in my bed to read the book she looks forward to all day, Goodnight Moon. The boys loved it, too, but somehow she finds a unique humor in every page and just laughs!

I scooped her up and cradled her in my arms. She settled right in, sucking her thumb, her big blue eyes gazing into mine as I sang a lullaby.

Eight more Mondays of you being my baby, I said. I squeezed her a bit tighter, kissed her smooth forehead and freckled nose. You’ve been the best baby girl. My little doll.

I laid her in her bed, tucked the favorite blanket under her chin just so, and made sure her doll was snug in her arms. Her eyes twinkled with happiness over each gesture.

And I prayed. Please, Lord, help me to be a good mama to a little girl, a daughter. She means the world to me.

She means the world to Him, too.

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  1. nana nene

    I cannot believe the time has gone by so fast, she sure is your happiest baby (so far) full of spunk and smiles and most of all love. Great post Danica.


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