june 21st: summer

On this, the longest day of the year, we did a few summery things.

First, I didn’t take a shower. Ha! Okay, not exactly news-worthy. The busy and fun day got away from me. Try again tomorrow!

We got our first vegetables from our CSA. It always, always feels like Christmas morning. (Also, Krista dropped off goat cheese. So yes, I’ll be eating veggies and goat cheese ALL WEEK. Yum!)

(To be clear, the radishes are from the CSA, not the bananas. Just in case you thought we’d moved to the equator.)

Ryan said “Sure!” when the kids asked about a picnic dinner, so we packed one up and drove to the St. Lawrence River to enjoy a long evening. The boys were so excited about this being the longest day of the year, though Jameson kept telling William it was Daylight Savings Day, and I couldn’t quite get that straightened out. Oh well.

The moon is almost full tonight, and it was getting brighter as we drove home at dusk — at 9pm. That always amazes me. (Although it’s sort of cheating because of — you guessed it — Daylight Savings.)

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