I love wildflowers.

We don’t have many in our fields, but if I take a walk down our country road on a June morning, there are plenty to bring home.

So many colors. Shapes. Textures. Sizes. Even the grass is worth picking and putting into a vase.

And no one planted these. They’re not there by anyone’s design. The only reason they exist is because God loves wildflowers, too. And that amazes me.

There’s a lot to be learned about the character and nature of God in this little jar of flowers, if you think about it. I think that’s why I love them so much. Something about each perfect shade, each lovely petal brings me incredible comfort and peace.

Oh, how He loves us so.

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  1. diane

    Oh I’m with you! They simply take my breath away with the combination of colors and textures the Master Gardener lays out in Creation! You have done a beautiful job with your own landscaping at home, girl!
    Nice job! You have such an eye. Can tell by the way that little girl sports style and colors : )


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