photo dump

In no particular order, some random things that have made it onto my camera roll:

Kefir. Every night, and sometimes morning, too, I make new batch of kefir. Primarily it’s for Ryan, but the kids and I have had our share of blueberry smoothies, chock full of live cultures. It quietly grows in a mason jar on my counter, and I’m a little in awe. I did it. I didn’t kill it. It’s multiplying, in fact. Actually, would anyone like some kefir grains? I’m starting to feel like Strega Nona!

But with kefir every day, vegetables becoming our main stay (thanks to our awesome CSA!), and other efforts I make at healthy eating, a little balance becomes a necessity. Thus, dates to the Hometown Cafe. Where we order burgers and french fries and ice cream and smile all the way home.

Speaking of food, a Williams-Sonoma catalog came this week and this page jumped out at me and begged to be made.

Lemon and thyme: how can you go wrong? It’s been very hot and even more humid, and I am actually thankful for our central air. Generally I am very, very opposed to closing windows in the middle of the summer — don’t we do that all winter long?? But today, when late afternoon rolled around and I was actually happy to turn on the oven and get cooking? Awesome. This pregnant girl will take a few days of A/C. Just this once.

I’ve been “shopping the house” for Beatrice’s bedroom, since that’s what’s in the budget right now, and found a few bits to add here and there. Like this cross stitch piece that used to hang in my little girl bedroom (shared with lots of other little girl sisters!), which was done by my grandmother. All three of my kids just love looking at the colorful pictures.

A couple of buntings made from sewing scraps, a beautiful music box bought in Colonial Williamsburg, but best of all, that itty bitty teapot that I brought home from China. Beatrice loves it. “Teatop! Teatop!”, she says.

I walked out the front door to call to the boys, and when I looked down, saw this: cheerful pink geraniums. It made me smile.

So do these gigantic white clematis! I salvaged a couple of clematis from a very overgrown old perennial garden that our home’s previous owner had planted. I wasn’t sure they’d make it, but they sure did — this one, especially. Plants that manage to persevere against all odds: things that make my soul perk up and listen.

Beatrice spends many, many moments sitting in the middle of the floor with this, her favorite book, opened on her lap. Her little lap that is just big enough to hold the book — if she stretches her toes! I love it.

The End.

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  1. Debbie Flack

    I had wondered if anyone around here had ventured into making Kefir. I would like to know more, please.

    Ah, and Grandmother-made hand stitching is a priceless treasure!

    I love these glimpses into your lovely family.


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