fair lady, pursued and won

I was going to post a bunch of summertime-adorableness of my three kids, but instead am going to hijack my dad’s flickr account.

Because my baby baby sister got engaged last night, and I’m just so happy for her. She’s a princess, and he — well, he knows it. Have you ever seen a young man truly enraptured and enthralled? Whose eyes are lit with love and absolute joy? Seeing him makes me happy for her. It’s how a princess is meant to be loved and pursued. She is a priceless jewel, and her worth is written all over his beaming face.

shot from a hidden camera

happy? yes, happy.

celebrating, crazy family style.

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  1. nana nene

    Could they try and look a little happy. As my mother would say he is smitten, I never knew the full definition of that word except she used it often, I looked it up and here is what Carson is: ” whenever they think about or are with someone who makes them ridiculously happy” I guess that says it all.

    I also cannot leave this site without making a comment on the pictures of Jameson and William helping Beatrice with her Popsicle. They have the Dunphey gene of not wanting her to make a mess so they will help her, haha, If it were an ice cream Ryan would be the one to help.


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