Yesterday was a pretty awesome day.

Not because anything super fun or spectacular happened. Just because I got up with my alarm, started laundry and went walking and greeted the kids cheerfully and the sun was shining and school was fun. And at 2:30, instead of crashing, I put on a movie for the boys and took the girls on a grocery run. I felt zippy and on top of the world! Woo-hoo!

And then on my drive home I got a text from a friend, wondering if Jameson would still be able to come to her son’s birthday celebration? (You know, the one that started almost an hour ago?) Gah! Wait! You mean, this awesome day was Wednesday, not Tuesday??

That pretty much sums up my life. I wish I could blame it on having four kids, but I’m pretty sure it has far more to do with this idealistic-flake melancholy-sanguine thing I have always been. Oh well! Thank goodness for gracious friends who say, “Oh, no problem!” And for totally sanguine sons who jump up without missing a beat, ready for a birthday party he previously had no knowledge of.


While the boys were out (since Daddy saved me and did the birthday party-run after Fiona had scream-choked the whole way home from the grocery store), I cleaned the fridge. It now looks awesome, and I would say, “That wasn’t such a long chore. I need to do it every week!”, but see? That’s idealistic. Reality is that one extra chore happens every month. Or so.

Anyway, while I was in that totally torn apart refrigerator, Beatrice stood right by my side, totally enthralled. Finally she burst out, “Good job! Good job, Mama-girl!” Mama-girl is what she calls me when she has decided to assume the superior role in our relationship. It’s adorable, and you know what? I’ll take all the good-job-mama-girls I can get!


Beatrice took this photo. Because Apple has made it possible for even 2 year olds to apply filters to photos. And black and white is her favorite.

I just love the baby in the photo.

And friends who understand that it truly is possible to forget what day it is. On a weekly basis.

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