more thoughts on reading: getting started

As some follow-up thoughts on reading to your kids, I thought I’d post a link to this entry, wherein I discuss some of the things that have helped us to establish reading as a valued tradition. Because you know what? It takes work and a plan. Some babies are born with an insatiable appetite for page-turning. Others, not so much. Or not at all. Too bad! Ha!

Maybe you’re a little lost on which books to buy. I know. There are so many!

First, ask a friend. Ask me! I’ve got lots of favorites. So does my sister.

Second, keep tabs on your favorite book lists. I am constantly going back to Five-In-A-Row’s lists. I’ve never used their curriculum, but I agree with their ideas of good books. So I trust them.

I also trust this list.

Once you’ve found your titles, either borrow it from the library (aren’t you glad for the internet and inter-library loans? Wow!), or consider buying used — either from amazon or Abe Books. Sometimes it’s the only way to find the really good titles, since they’re not all in print. But it’s also a good way to turn what would be a massive gift investment (4 kids x $16/a book = holy cow!) into a very affordable one.

And then get ready to read! Get a basket or a special sort of out-in-the-open display, and model for your kids that you love to read those pages!

I’ll leave you with links to the three books currently being read by Beatrice on the floor at my feet:

The Complete Tales of Winnie-the-Pooh

How I Became a Pirate

Mary Engelbreit’s Nursery Tales

Happy Reading!

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