quilts = bare cupboards.

Since Monday night, stolen moments have resulted in a quilt top for my Fiona girl.


How cute is my helper?


Speaking of Beatrice, my current favorite photo:


Yes, she is that fun.

(I also feel like you should all know that, after smiling in happiness over how the quilt is turning out, I discovered that I have no cream, eggs, or salt. Salt. Clearly those moments were stolen from the grocery shopping “budget”.)

1 Comment quilts = bare cupboards.

  1. Steph Seefeldt

    A quilt in three days?!?!?!

    Oh my. Can I please be you when I grow up?

    I love to peek in on your lovely life. Thank you for faithfully posting!!

    Steph Seefeldt, a not-yet friend in Wisconsin


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