william’s 8th birthday

William turned 8 on October 21st. He was so excited about turning 8. It just seemed like a big deal, he told me.

And so we fit a special cinnamon roll breakfast into our pre-CFA morning, thanks to the bakery in town, open early on Friday mornings. Three friends came home from our homeschool program and spent the [rainy and cold] afternoon with us, fighting nerf gun and light saber wars in the basement, video games, and as a desperate last resort while we awaited our pizza dinner, games hosted by yours truly. Rain + 5 boys = Mama frantically printing off Bingo cards and ideas for charades.

My boys are blessed with great friends. I think that each year, as I see the shining faces gathered around the table, hear the laughter, watch the fresh delight in playtime with friends.

And we are blessed with William — an absolute best friend to his older brother, a boy deeply admired by his younger sisters, a thoughtful son to us, and a tender, sensitive follower of the Holy Spirit.

His eyes shine when he smiles, and it touches my heart so deeply.

I am so thankful for this boy who thinks deeply, feels passionately, processes slowly, offers friendship freely. He is already growing to be a man of deep conviction with an immense capacity for compassion. He is a gift.

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