november 5

Oh, autumn. How I love thee.

This year, in no particular order, some of the moments to remember:

No words.

Finishing her second book

Nightgowns and little rocking chairs, favorite books and blonde ponytails.

The cutest profile ever made

Sudden warm days with favorite people

My favorite little-girl freckles on a sweet face that is getting older every day

A few days with special family

Running in long shadows of a fall evening.

Making wishes.

Two Papas to love

Discovering windows, watching the snow

The year’s first snowflakes

Dress up, always dress up

Our annual trek with these wonderful kiddos

This munchkin is more lovable every day

Making me laugh

One amazing sunrise…

After another.

Winter foods appearing

Gathering close in the dark evenings.

Making memories.

Memories of the special things, but most of all, memories of the everyday. That’s my favorite thing about fall: the memories I have tucked away of school on a blanket, altogether; of days falling into a rhythm of books and work and play; of lighting candles on the table each night just because it’s dark and we like cozy; of life together.

It’s so far from perfect — I am so far from perfect!! — but it is so rich.

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