Beatrice’s birthday party

Birthday season has begun around here, and it was kicked off this year with an especially big celebration: Beattie’s “real” 6th birthday party!

We pick a theme — for her, a tea party. The soon-to-be-6yo can invite a whole table full of guests, and while Beatrice could have filled ten tables, we sorted it out eventually and mailed invitations. We pick a menu — in this case, heavily influenced by a mother who could commit to a variety of little desserts but not also an entire dinner. Games are selected and prepared. We decorate party bags and place cards and just make this day a big deal. There is one big idea here: to bless and affirm this child in a special way. I can’t do it every year, but we can do it once, and it is fun.

Beatrice loved it. She counted down the days and lit up with every incoming RSVP. She also kept trying to lobby for those 9 other tables of guests, but I held firm. She would see me gathering supplies and pretty things, baking ahead and preparing and just glowed.

And finally the day came, and we welcomed a houseful of sweet friends, from young cousins to high school graduates and grandparents, and we celebrated our Beatrice Elaine, bringer of joy and light.

Happiest of days to you, my oldest daughter and special joy.


All in readiness

They’re here!

All the pretty girls!

Pin the teacup on the saucer.

Nana won!


Pretty desserts,

in tiers, because tea party.

Make a wish

Brothers who happily dressed the part and helped me out.

I love these three.

The birthday crew, including two incredibly generous young adults who made her birthday dreams come true by coming and and being nothing less than selfless in their interactions with these many young children. Hats off to them!

The aftermath… *sigh* All just memories.

4 Comments Beatrice’s birthday party

  1. Sarah Diederich

    THANK YOU for including Zoe! She loves your girls and had a wonderful time! Thanks for your faithful investment in family, bearing great fruit!

  2. Nana nene

    As I said to your dad, the pictures bring me there. This was my favorite “ever” party
    Silas and Emily being there was so special
    For this amazing 6 year old. ?

  3. Darlene Sinclair

    Treasured times. So special when young adults willingly bless the next generation. We are so very blessed in this community! I loved this, I love Beatties freckles, and I love her genuine appreciation and glow!

  4. Meme

    Gorgeous moments, just a bit late because of a very ‘ un named ‘ addition to the family. A year from now we’ll all have fun welcoming him into the pool, right girls??? Love and more love to Beattie and , of course, all the rest!! Xoxoxo


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