My incredibly fun Fiona turned four last week. I don’t know how or when, but she, too, is getting older!

What a gift she is, as her personality develops and she begins to make a greater impression on the identity of our family. Her imagination is boundless. Her bravery is, too. She smiles and laughs almost all day, save for the occasional storm cloud that passes her face when she’s put out with you. There’s a feisty streak in there, but quick to learn, too, and she delights in her own growth. (“Mama, did you notice? I didn’t whine at all today!”) She’s full of ideas for how her pretend world should go, and happy to boss her generally-compliant older sister around. She’s affectionate and delightful and the greatest moment in her life was being in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which she discusses in the present tense.

I loved three year old Fiona, but I’m sure four year old Fiona will be great, too — especially since she still has the roundest, chubbiest little cheeks.

We do love her so.

Last night of being three!

Morning playground outing

Me and my girl all matchy, in chambray and denim.

Lunch with friends

Candyland before dinner. Not pictured: pizza, ice cream cake, and the huge crowd of cousins that descended!

All tucked in. Still my baby.

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