here comes the sun

The Psalmist tells us that the heavens declare the glory of God, that day after day pours forth speech.

Some mornings, you can’t help but hear all of that clamorous praise.

Other mornings, like yesterday, I have unbiblical thoughts: “Well, this is kind of a lousy day.”

Even as that thought formed in my mind, I felt chided. “Day after day pours forth speech…” That means this day. This tired, gray, slumpy old day. It’s declaring, but I’m missing it. Those trees are pointing fingers to heaven, but I just see branches. The skies are heavy with praise, and I just see ordinary.

Thing is, it might be gray today. Our souls may be tired. Our worlds may be crumbling. Our skies may be flashing lightening and thunder and pouring torrents of weeping tears. Or maybe it’s all just feeling ordinary and long and trivial and like not much more than the accident of atoms meeting in a swamp of nothingness millennia ago.

But the Bible says this day is telling of God, and even your night reveals truths of who He is.

So regardless of how the sunrise astonishes or doesn’t, we can be people of faith, whose hearts set on God are evidence to the world around us that His glory is eternal, His coming is sure, and that this very day we will see His goodness. Let’s carry His praise in our hearts. We don’t need to wait for Mr. Sun. Let’s beat him to it.

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  1. Kirsten

    So true! Today I was feeling the blues without the sun but I must remember I shouldn’t be rejoicing because I know the Son! I love reading your blog, you are such a talented writer!


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