faith comes by hearing

Faith comes by hearing.

What are you listening to?

Are you growing in a belief of discouragement and despair, or of confidence in the faithfulness of God?

What are you listening to?

I’ve thought about that a lot this past month, as my soul has felt stretched and the ears of my heart have been ringing with the testimony of others whose lives point to the truth of God. My reading this past month has included several amazing stories that have been more than stories: they have been voices from that cloud of witnesses, testifying that God is more than enough. They tell me that one person, set free from living for self, liberated into a lively hope, can affect the world — even if that world is simply their young child, their neighbor, their fellow believer. I cannot recommend highly enough that you consumption, your soul diet, include stirring reminders that we really can live for Jesus.

Faith comes by hearing. What are you listening to?

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