Thanksgiving 2008:

William’s first. With no pictures of him, whatsoever. This is particularly sad because he was dressed in a new autumn ensemble from a lovely friend. He feels like a marshmallow when he wears it — extra nice squeezability.

Jameson was all dressed sooo handsomely in an outfit I’d washed and ironed just for the holiday. As we’re walking out the door to leave, we encounter Jameson already in the driveway — absolutely drenched from a puddle-jumping episode. I wish I had laughed. I cried. He wore blue instead of pumpkin and brown. Oh well.

We enjoyed dinner and spent the day with Jared and Andrea. Jared was executive chef, and We ate well. It was delicious. Most of all though? It was just fun to be at their house with a fire in the fireplace, games at the table, and little boys whoopin’ it up all day long.

And then we fell into bed exhausted. Literally. As in, Ryan fell asleep with his glasses on when he “laid down for a minute” with Jameson.

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  1. darlenesinclair

    Sounds terrific. We had a great time, with great food, but no gourmet recipes (unfortunately no recipes at all… par usual.) But a couple of international students took notes on the gravy and since they were watching so closely I was extra careful and it came out great. That was nice!

    The turkey was, however, dry. Well, I didn’t actually try any white meat, but it looked dry. Did Jared do the soak in salt thing? I cooked it breast side down, which seems to help usually.

    Glad you had such a good day! Love you!

  2. Danica

    @Mom: I’m not sure how he prepared the turkey. It was a fresh turkey, though, not frozen. Don’t know how much that has to do with it.

    I tried a salt brine last year, and it definitely helped a lot. Our turkey wasn’t dry at all (although it WAS a bit salty; I don’t think it got rinsed well enough!)


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