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:: Hallelujah, Halloween is over. Now we can take walks through our neighborhood without me being disgusted — and without Jameson being confused. (“Yuck, Mama, look at that big spiderweb! They gotta kill that spider!”) Onto bigger and better celebrations — like being thankful for amazingly abundant provision, protection, guidance, and blessing in our lives. Isn’t that MUCH nicer??

:: The whole clock-change-thing really bugs me. I’m looking out on fading sunshine, trying to re-program my head to think 4 o’clock, when clearly, those are 5 o’clock shadows out there. At least, that’s what they were yesterday. Wouldn’t it be better to just leave our clocks alone?

:: My house is a disaster. No, really, it is. This week had lots of people in it, and not so much home-doing-chores in it. And the hours I had free were spent sewing. Yup, guilty. The good news is that the mess will wait for me. That’s the great things about dirty houses. They never disappear on you. You can always count on them to be right where you left them (and then some.)

:: Of course, if my house is still dirty next Sunday, it might be because I got all crazy, threw the boys and a few suitcases into the van, and headed to the East Coast. I miss my family like crazy, it goes without saying that I want my mama, and there are babies I need to meet! They need to know that I love them! December is sounding way too far away.

:: The only thing is, if I go to New York, I won’t be here. And you know what? I’m already missing my friends here just thinking about leaving for Christmas. I like our church, like the little families we hang out with, love our small group. Can’t I be in both places at once?

:: Today I played on the worship team. Poor Ryan didn’t get to enjoy a single bit of it, since the minute William saw me on the platform he [loudly] began exclaiming “Mama! Mama! Mama!” and made a beeline for the stage. It made me smile. I like being mama.

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  1. susan

    Laura says in China they don’t change their clocks; instead they change their schedules and up their meeting times. A simple clock change is definitely easier!

  2. margaret nordberg

    so glad that you are sharing your giftings with a new church family. i know they are really blessed. hope we can get together at Christmas, jon will be home for a while.

  3. diane

    I’m with you on the clock change! Wouldn’t we mothers love to unite on that one!?
    Who in the world thinks it’s a good idea to make it dark from supper on!?!?
    Glad you have a church worship team to shine on! Be great to see you again!


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