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It’s been more than four years since we said “I do”, started this crazy adventure of blending (and bending) and becoming a family. Four years later, it feels like we’re still just beginning to figure out who this family is — and it’s fun. It’s fun to learn each other, add a few kids, try something new, let something go. (The more I let go, the more we become something unique, fun, useful.)

It’s still funny to hear people say, “We’re going to the Dunphey’s;” I only see us as Ryan and Danica, with two kids, learning to be a family. What do we look like from the outside looking in? I have no idea. And I have no idea how long it will be before I answer the phone, “Hello, Dunphey’s,” the way my mom says “Sinclair’s,” and Judy says, “Tomford’s.” I have a feeling it will creep up on me while I’m learning the art of loving this husband, mothering these children, making this home.

All of that to say, Ryan decided several months ago that rather than buying a medium flat latte every single morning at Peet’s, he would buy an espresso machine. But of course, not a push-the-button espresso machine; we’re talking weigh the beans on a scale, change the grind for every new roast, precisely 30 pounds of pressure with a very nice tamp, set the timer, and pull that shot in exactly 27 seconds. (27? I think.) It’s his new hobby. He takes care of this stainless-steel machine like it’s his car, spit-shining and all. In the evening, when the boys are on their way to dreamland, he makes me a decaf latte. Can you say spoiled?

And all of that to say, we have a new Saturday morning tradition: homemade chocolate chip scones and lattes for breakfast. I light the candle, set the table, and we gather around a plate of warm yumminess while Ryan pulls shots, giving us nothing but the best. It’s slow. It’s crazy one minute and calm the next. Sometimes we’re showered and dressed for the day, sometimes it’s a pj party. Mostly, it’s just one little thing we do that helps us stop and say, hey! We’re a family!

(You’re welcome to drop by and join us, of course. Just let me know, and I’ll pop a few more scones into the oven!)

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  1. Lore

    Well goodness gracious, that’s not fair! you can’t say such things when 90% of your readership lives on the opposite coast.

    I miss you.

  2. louissa

    or MAYBE this should be continued when you come to our side of the country!

    YAY for scones and coffee (sorry, not lattes unless we tell daniel to make them) on the east coast!

  3. danica

    @Bri: Sadly, no, I have no such thing. The recipe I use is white flour and sugar. I get away with a bit more than half whole wheat, but I leave the few tablespoons of sugar in. It’s a splurge!


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