hazy days

A couple of weeks ago, our church hosted a one-day women’s conference. I was asked to be one of the workshop speakers, and to share on the topic of mothering little ones.

I was so honored. And immediately so stumped. I was sure I had something to share, I knew that God had been faithful to teach me and show me things these past several years, but my head was fog.

It’s really hard to put together a clear message about the haziest season I’ve ever lived through, you know? Seriously. This is what my brain perpetually looks like:

— and I was supposed to think and speak coherently?

Ryan said, Well, that’s what you should talk about. Seeing through the haze.

So I pondered. What does it mean to have a vision for mothering? For our children? And how does that get lived out right now?

This season I’m in — it’s a season of multi-tasking. Of simultaneously developing big God-sized vision for who I am, what I’m doing, who these children are — and marrying that vision to possibly the most “mundane”, repetitive days I’ll ever live. Both need to happen, and one without the other just doesn’t get the job done.

Vision: I guess I hear that word and think “future.” But vision doesn’t have to be about seeing what’s ahead (though it sure helps to have an idea of where you’re headed!) Sometimes the vision God wants to give us is just a matter of seeing today through His eyes.

He gives meaning to each moment, every breath.

Isn’t that amazing?

So even if all around seems to be just fog, that’s okay. Where I’m standing, right here, in this moment: there is sun. Because there is Jesus.

(More thoughts from my sharing to follow.)

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